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About How to Make a Link

How to Make a Link was designed for beginning and intermediate web designers. It gives the basic ideas behind linking and the code in both HTML and CSS to execute the links. There is some commentary on style sheets and design and also some basic information on how search engines view certain types of links.

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Will Rayment is the author of this website. He has been creating websites since 1997 and is the publisher of InDepthInfo, which explains why the website is used in many of the linking examples on "How to Make a Link". Mr. Rayment has grown somewhat curmudgeonly, but has worked to keep up with new technologies on the web. This site is a reflection of his continuing interest in the field of web authorship.

Search Engine Optimization has grown to be a controversial issue on the web. Although this site scrupulously avoids directly commenting on this issue, it is difficult to write a series of pages about HTML without confronting, at least obliquely, the effect of search engine technology and its influence on website design. Thus all of the pointers on this site are search engine friendly, hopefully for both the webmaster and the search engine.


The "How to Make a Link website does accept sponsors. We believe that advertisers on this site enjoy visibility for their brands on informational pages that are read by a quality audience. We offer very reasonable rates for static image ads (should be 125X125 pixels or less). One image ad is far less expensive than a typical text ad, and a short 'alt' tag can be included in the link. We currently charge $20.00 per ad per page per year. Only one ad will be placed in this position per page. This is an excellent value and offers you an opportunity to support the creation of high-quality content.

Currently, to conform with Google's policy on such matters, we do not accept text ads within our content. Our object is to provide a place where advertisers can purchase quality, long-term, brand-building ads. Also, by not selling links we help to ensure that search engines continue to provide quality results to web searchers.

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